Camelina Macaw ** Sundance**
Baby Camelina Macaw, Sundance, fledging

10/20/08 - This is 12 week old 3rd generation hybrid, Camelina Macaw, Sundance,
parent hatched on 7/26/08 by Camelot Macaw, Joseph, and Catalina hen, Marilyn.

Sundance weaned, and first fledged, early & simlutaneously on 10/13/08 at only 79 days old,
which caught me completely unprepared.

The pictures on this page were taken on 10/16 and 10/17/08

Sundance perches in the curtains

12 week old Camelina Macaw, Sundance

Hybrid Catalina x Camelot Macaw, Sundance

Sundance explores the kitchen counter

12 week old yellow dominant Camelina Macaw, Sundance

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