Camelina Macaw ** Sundance**
3rd Generation hybrid Camelina Macaw, Sundance

9/27/08 - This is 9 week old 3rd generation hybrid, Camelina Macaw, Sundance,

It was warm outside today, so I set Sundance on the front lawn to take some pictures of him. He did not know what to make of it, and came running as fast as he could to the security of mama. Sunlight does tend to lighten feather color considerably in photos, so I have also included a pic taken inside so you could get a better idea of what his colors actually look like.

9 week old, Sundance

Beautiful yellow dominant, Sundance

Baby Sundance runs to mama

More Sundance

3rd generation hybrid macaw, Sundance

9 week old Camelina Macaw, Sundance

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