Camelina Macaw ** Sundance**
7 week old baby Camelina Macaw, Sundance

9/13/08 - This is 3rd generation hybrid, Camelina Macaw, Sundance, parent hatched on 7/26/08 by Camelot Macaw, Joseph, and Catalina hen, Marilyn. Here you can see his orange body feathers pinning in, and typcial yellow Camelot colored green tinged orange-yellow upper wing covert feathers. It is hard to tell at this point what color his center tail feathers are going to be. The tips were a dark mustard color when they first began to show. At the moment they appear to be a shade of pastel blue softly washed with yellow. Beautiful 7 week old, Sundance, weighed 1265 grams on empty before his feeding today. All pix above & below of baby Camelina Macaw, Sundance, were taken on 9/13/08 after his 2nd feeding.

Baby Camelot x Catalina Macaw, Sundance

3rd Generation hybrid Camelot x Catalina Macaw

49 day old Camelina Macaw, Sundance

7 week old baby Camelina Macaw, Sundance

Yellow Dominant baby Camelina Macaw

Catalina Macaw, Marilyn & Camelot Macaw, Joseph
Sundance's hybrid macaw parents,
Catalina hen, Marilyn & Camelot Macaw, Joseph, hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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