Hybrid Catalina Macaw, Kachina

Kachina is my pet Hybrid Catalina Macaw. His Father is a Blue & Gold and his mother is a Scarlet Macaw. I raised Kachina, who is 8 years old, from a baby. He was pulled from the nest when he was 5 days old and handed to me a little while later. Kachina has always had a strong personality, and is friendly, intelligent, and communicative. He can also be destructive. He loves to chew, and anything wood is fair game for his passion. Kachina is very clever and can unlatch & open cage and food dish doors with ease. Kachina's best friend is Pipsqueak, a male Umbrella cockatoo whom he was raised with. Kachina, who has an enormous vocabulary, knows several of the birds names. Pipsqueak is special to him and he will call him, "C'mere Pippy. Pippy, c'mere!" when he wants to play. When Kachina is with Pipsqueak you can not get near him. He is very possessive and protective of his Umbrella Cockatoo!

Catalina Macaw, Kachina has a large & comprehensible vocabulary with the phenomenal knack of interjecting appropriate words & phrases for the person, feeling or event. One evening I went into the macaw room to get Pippy to put him to bed. Kachina who puts himself to bed in his own cage as soon as its dark, was already inside. I went to lock Kachina's cage door and didn't realize he had come to the front and I was beginning to close it on his toes, until Kachina yelled out, "Oh, GOD!" Then he apologetically announced , "I'm sorry," and then looked up at me and sincerely asked, Are you OK?" I am always astounded by the accuracy of his communications.

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