1st Generation Camelot Macaw Proven Pair
Catalina Macaw, Lilly & Scarlet Macaw, Gabriel
Catalina Macaw hen, Lily & male Scarlet Macaw, Gabriel
Parent Raised Camelot Macaw Hen
Parent Rasied Camelot Macaw hen, Autumn
Gabe & Lily's Parent Raised Daughter, Autumn,
who is not tame, was raised to be a breeder.
~ Photo courtesy of M. Seelis ~

Catalina & Scarlet Macaw Lilly & Gabriel

Scarlet Macaw, Gabe, has a beautiful wide band of yellow
with either, none, or very little blue on the tips.

Proven 1st Generation Camelot Macaw Pair

Scarlet Macaw, Gabriel & Catalina Macaw, Lily, are a proven 1st generation Camelot Macaw producing pair. Lily & Gabe have hatched a total of 3 Camelot Macaw offspring, to date, since their first fertile clutch 6 years ago. Prior to that, the first few clutches were all infertile. So far, they have produced 2 orange & yellow, and one red factor offspring. Gabriel & Lily are still a relatively young pair who have not yet reached their breeding prime. I am unable to predict what color Camelot Macaws they will produce in the future, as is often the case with 2nd generation hybrid macaw offspring.

Hybrid Macaw Feathering

Hybrid Markings Close Up
Left - Spice, Shamrock x Scarlet Macaw. . . Right - Autumn, Camelot Macaw

Autumn will have her own page with more pix at a later date ... maybe.

1/01/09 Autumn Update:
Beautiful 5-1/2 yr old orange Camelot Macaw, Autumn is now married :-) Autumn and 5-1/2 yr. old orange & yellow Capri Macaw, Liberty, who were individually parent hatched just 1 week apart in July of 2003, have consummated their relationship over the past couple months. Liberty loves working the the nest box, and happily services Autumn whenever she raises her tail for him. Will they produce? Autumn may have recently matured, but Liberty could still be a little young yet, as he is a male. Besides, they are both multiple generation Catalina hybrids, and not all of this hybrid combination inherit the right chromosome mix to effectively produce fertile eggs and/or live offspring. Only time will tell. If nothing else, they sure love each others company. They are family members, and that's all that really matters. Both sets of parents reside here.

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