Hybrid Camelot Macaw Baby
Hatch Date - 6/24/10

Baby Camelot Macaw

orange-yellow red dominant  baby Camlelot Macaw.

orange-yellow Red Dominant Camelot Macaw

Above are some pix taken on 8/21/10 of our baby Camelot Macaw
hatched on 6/24/10. He is unusual with 3 white toe nails, and coloring
like I have never seen before. His back looks like an orange-yellow
Camelot, but he is technically red dominant. So I am referring to him
as my orange-yellow red dom baby Camelot Macaw :-)

I've had several requests already, but he is not for sale at this time.

I will add some pix when he was younger, later, to this page,
and some more info about him.

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