2009 Hatch Camelot & Camelina Macaw

Camelot & Camelina Macaw

Meet two of our beautiful 2009 summer babies, parent raised Camelot Macaw, Sam, hatch date 7/15/09,
and Camelina Macaw, Lila, hatch date 8/27/09. Sam was originally nick named Goldilocks, when still in the box with his mom & dad. He was raised all the way by his parents and removed from their breeding cage on 11/02/09 at 3-1/2 months old, unweaned and unfledged. His parents were over protective and wouldn't let him out of the box and had seriously over preened him. When he tried to come out, they would push him back in. After I first brought him inside, he missed his mom & cried a lot for several weeks. All he would eat at first was oranges, grapes and Zupreem fruit blend pellets. Now he eats everything.

Camelina macaw, Lila, hatched on 8/27/09 . I had no idea that there was a baby in the nest box until the following day when I heard her calling. She was very loud. Her parents were out of the box, like they usually were. I have no idea how she managed to hatch at all, as she was 10 days, or more, over due. When I found her in the box the day after she hatched, she had not been fed, so I brought her inside, warmed her in the brooder and fed her. Her parents, back in the breeding cage, were frantically looking in the nest box for her, so I put her back. They went in, checked to make sure she was OK, and came back out of the box, and stayed out. They were out for an hour or more, so I finally brought her in permanently and put her in the brooder. I really don't like feeding day ones, but I had no choice, as she wanted to live, and made sure I heard about it. She was the loudest baby I ever raised. Lila did not like being alone at all, so when she was older and would yell, I began putting her into the cage with Sam and they would cuddle and preen each other. Now they are inseperable, and where one goes, the other goes, too. Lila is not loud anymore, and Sam has molted all of his over preened feathers and now he is beautiful.
Here are the pix to prove it :-)

Be sure and check out Lila's yellow chest. She is yellow just like a Blue & Gold macaw, very, very rare!

Camelot & Camelina Macaw

Camelot, Camelina & Capri macaw

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